When in Maine…you need to eat a Maine lobster!

Langford Road Lobster

Summer is here and what does summer mean around these parts? Swimming, boating or being on the water in any possible way, sunny days and warm breezes, ice cream cones and eating fresh, Maine lobster. Summer for us wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a Maine lobster dinner at least once…throw on the bib, prepare to get messy and eat the sweet, succulent meat of a lobster that was recently pulled from the sea.

For those not fortunate to live here and enjoy this delicacy year round, we thought we’d make it easy to do so by working with a local landmark and lobster pound, Langford Road Lobster, to make sure our guests can savor Maine lobster while they’re here. John Greene, owner and down-to-earth Mainer is as real as they come. Folks who want to really see a “real Maine” authentic lobstering experience should take a trip to the nearby village of Cape Porpoise and check out his fish house. Fresh seafood from mussels and clams, to haddock, shrimp and of course, the champion lobster can be found in his tanks and coolers. It really doesn’t get much fresher than this.

Thanks to John, his crew and the hardworking local lobstermen, we’re able to provide a Maine Lobster Dinner for our guests. Each dinner will include:

  • One, 1 1/4 lb soft-shell lobster – steamed
  • Steamed ear of corn
  • Bag of kettle potato chips
  • Maine’s famous treat, a Whoopie Pie
  • Melted butter, bib and utensils

Market pricing on lobsters fluctuates, but as of now, these dinners are priced at:

  • Dinner for Two: $45
  • Dinner for Four: $85
  • Dinner for Six: $125

Guests who are interested can pick up an order form at our General Store, complete it by 5pm and we’ll have dinner ready for pick up the following day at 5pm. It’s that simple. We’ll even walk you through how to eat one if it’s your first time!

We’re thrilled to offer this amenity to our guests, and encourage those visiting to take a trip to John’s shop. The views from the back deck are priceless, as is his company.