The Sandy Pines Promise


We know that the last few months have certainly been challenging for all of us but we are excited to be welcoming you back soon to Sandy Pines! We have spent these last few weeks working hard to be sure that when you do return that Sandy Pines will be safer and cleaner than ever for you and your family to enjoy a peaceful and worry free visit. We are fortunate to be able to offer you a vacation in the great outdoors with fresh air and your own expansive spaces.

Our Promise to YOU

We have implemented stringent and thorough cleaning processes, checklists and methods using CDC recommended chemicals at all local businesses to make our spaces pristine and ensure your safety

We have looked carefully at how to create appropriate social distancing throughout your visit for your safety

We have installed hand sanitizing stations throughout the property at important touch point areas

We have reviewed opportunities in all businesses to ensure single use touch points during your visit

Our team members have been trained in all cleaning protocols

We have installed signage where appropriate to guide you with all standards in place

 You are our guests and we are thrilled to welcome you to Sandy Pines.  For the safety of our hard-working team members and fellow visitors, we ask you two consider to things before you visit.

YOUR Promise to Us

If you have been exposed to COVID- 19 or have symptoms, please stay home and plan to visit us when you are well

Please observe all posted rules at Sandy Pines and requirements for masks when you cannot social distance for 6 feet.

Respect that the social distancing and cleanliness guidelines at Sandy Pines are for everyone’s protection—be safe, be kind and enjoy your visit to Sandy Pines!

What Can you Expect Prior to and During Your Visit to Sandy Pines?

 Check-In- No Need to stop by the front desk! We have created an on- line Express Check-in process that you can complete from home. We will e-mail you two days prior to your arrival with the instructions. Simply arrive at Sandy Pines front gate and proceed directly to your site.

Check-Out- Simply drop your key in the boxes located at the front gate and in front of the General Store and we’ll email you your receipt that day

Communications– We have added a new texting feature for Guest Service. We will text you upon arrival with our number and you may contact us with any questions or needs throughout the day.

Payment– ALL transactions during the month of June MUST be cashless

Pool-For the month of June State guidelines prohibit the opening of the pool.

Once we are able to open, guests using the pool will be expected to maintain social distancing in the pool and when using the lounge chairs. We will have a pool attendant monitoring the pool activity and cleaning and sanitizing lounge chairs between uses. We will limit the number of persons in the pool at the same time if necessary to insure social distancing is in place

Playground– For the month of June, State guidelines prohibit the opening of the playground.

Once we are able to open the playground equipment will be sanitized and cleaned every two hours. We will have sanitizing wipes available for interim use should you wish

Bathhouses– We have implemented stringent cleaning practices using CDC approved chemicals and the bathhouses will be cleaned at regular intervals. We have provided additional cleaning supplies in bath houses should you require additional comfort.

Public Area Cleaning– We will rotate regularly through the property with a strict cleaning schedule for all guest contact areas. We have developed checklists and protocols for team members to utilize when cleaning. All employees are provided with the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep our team safe.  We will ensure that employees have access to hand soap, cloth face coverings, gloves, masks, goggles, tissues, paper towels, and a designated trash bin to dispose of used items.

Glamping Units- We will be following the cleaning protocols designed by the American Hotel Lodging Association and the DECD-State of Maine. Glamping units will remain vacant for 24 hours between guests during the first weeks of re-opening.

General Store– In order to maintain social distancing in this space no more than 5 people will be allowed in the store at any time. Please shop solo when possible so that other guests can access the store as well. Please no re-usable bags at this time. A regular cleaning schedule will be in place throughout the day and touch points will be cleaned frequently.

Visitors– All outside visitors are prohibited at this time in the campground for the foreseeable future

Parties & Groups– No more than 10 people are allowed to congregate together at this time. Sites are required to be restricted to household members only.